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Case Studies

Country Club Systems Selection & Installation

Problem: Upgrades on a Budget

A Country Club wanted to upgrade their POS and Club Management system. The general manager needed to know the real total cost and how it integrated into the network. The manager was also concerned about upgrades causing operational downtime for the club.

Solution: Prioritized Planning

Tri-State Computer Solutions was heavily involved with the system selection process. We reviewed the technology of each system and the cost of both labor and hardware implementation. We made sure to take advantage of existing technology already in place to minimize the client's cost.

Benefit: Up-To-Date and On-Budget

The club and general manager were able to make the upgrades to their POS and Club Management systems. The detailed estimate we provided helped the club get budget approval, including labor. The system was installed and integrated into the network with minimal effect on the operation and events of the club. The new POS system we provided was not only up-to-date and faster, but it also gave a great overview of the club's finances.

Medical Office Setup in South Carolina

Problem: Time Crunch!

A medical practice from New Jersey opened a new office in South Carolina. They needed the office up and running quickly because they had already signed the lease and had begun paying for the space. Several issues had to be addressed: the wiring in the office, P service and systems, access to the practice management system, and computer setup at the location.

Solution: Speedy Service

Tri-State Computer Solutions set up internet and P service for the location. We ordered and configured the computers, implemented the firewall, and worked with the P vendor to provide all the required wiring changes and additions for the computers and P system. We also contacted the practice management software company to set up the new location, which allowed the offices to operate a separate schedule and practice on the same system. Lastly, we went on-site in South Carolina and set up the computers, laptops, wireless network, scanners, and P system, then connected the two offices via Virtual Private Network (VPN) for combined access to the practice management system.

Benefit: Money in the Bank

Tri-State Computer Solutions was able to get the new office operational within a month, saving the practice thousands of dollars on unused office space. We were able to coordinate all the technology and network infrastructure implementation to get the project done quickly and without issue. With our help, the client was able to quickly get the office open and operational to start seeing patients.

Surgical Estimator

Problem: Complex Calculations

An Orthopedic Surgical Group in Manhattan needed to provide detailed estimates for patients to submit to their insurance companies for approval and for international patients paying out-of-pocket. Since the surgeries are very complex and often have multiple procedures involved, the estimates can be very complicated. The practice provided multiple estimates for each patient so that the insurance company could review a full range of possible surgeries.

Solution: Specialty Software

Tri-State Computer Solutions developed a software program that creates custom patient estimates. The estimates can be modified and saved for a patient within minutes. We also set up surgical templates that could be loaded into an estimate and adjusted for the particular patient. The system provided the ability to save the estimate to a file, send via e-mail, or print, and even show a discount if desired. The system also linked to the practice management system to add the estimate to the patient's record.

Benefit: Streamlined Results

The implementation of the system has provided faster, more accurate estimates. By removing human error, the estimates are correct every time, and the information is consistent. Each doctor at the practice is designated on the estimate using a custom design. The system also reduced the time to create an estimate from up to an hour to just a few minutes, which saves everyone time and money!
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